In The Kitchen

I like to cook and I loooove to bake. I’ve always been terrible at documenting when I play around in the kitchen — I’m just having too much fun when I’m in in the kitchen and grabbing my camera isn’t usually on my mind. Here are a few of the recipes that have, against all odds, found their way into these pages.




    Baby Food

  • Simple Cherry Purée
  • I was going to write up more of my baby food recipes, but I realized they pretty much all follow the same method:
    1. Clean, peel (if needed), cube (again, if needed)
    2. Cook to soften. Steaming, boiling and baking/roasting are my preferred methods.
    3. Cool.
    4. Purée, adding water as needed to get the consistency you want

    That’s it! Feed it to your little one or portion it out and freeze in cubes.

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