Snacktime with cherries

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Eatin’ cherries is very serious business.

You gotta look ‘em straight in the eye and let them know there’s only one option: a one-way ticket to my belly.


Cherry pickin’

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Found some ridiculously ripe, red cherries at Whole Foods today. Making one batch of delicious cherry baby food for Lil’Man and one batch of delicious cherry ice cream topping for us.

I’ve been making all of Lil’Man’s solid food so far. Baby food is far easier to make, though I tend to make tons of different foods at one time and that makes it time intensive. But, then I have food for 3-4 weeks, so I suppose that’s worth it, yes?

I’ve found this site to be incredibly useful. I don’t follow all the recipes verbatim, but I find they are excellent guidelines. I also read my friend Leena’s blog since she’s a food writer and her little girl is only a couple of months older than my little guy. Plus, she’s a more adventurous foodie than I am, I think, so that should be good for introducing him to more foods that I would normally consider.

Right now, though, all Lil’Man’s food is pretty plain and straightforward. We’ll get more interesting when he’s gotten more used to eating solids. Here’s the cherry purée I’m currently making for him:

Cherry Purée

1/2 pound fresh cherries
1/2 cup water (the original recipe called for a full cup, but I found this to make the final result too watery)

Wash, clean and pit the cherries. Be sure to remove the stems.
Drop the cherries into a saucepan with water.
Bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes or until the juices run freely and the cherries become soft.
Allow to cool and then purée in a blender or food processor.


Fireworks and maternity leave

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What did everyone do during their Fourth of July weekend? The weekend marked the beginning of my maternity leave! It seemed a good breaking point at work–everyone is off for a long weekend. Only, I’m not going back for a very long while. For the next six months, I’m all about my belly and the baby inside it.

We tried to make the most of the weekend without over-extending ourselves. We started the weekend with a bit of painting. The nursery is coming along nicely and I think that the color really brightens the room (it was a dull, lifeless beige before we began…definitely not a fun nursery color). I say “we” painted, but really my wonderful Mr painted. Even though we got no-VOC paint for this room, the Mr didn’t want me and my 8-month belly in the room too long. I just snuck in a few times to take photos of him painting and to deliver the occasional soda refill. He finally agreed to let me paint one little strip that’s between the bathroom and the closet doors (seriously, it’s MAYBE an inch wide). We used Benjamin Moore Aura in Bluebell and went with a matte finish since most of the rest of the house is matte paint. We’re renting, and even though we got permission to paint, we try to go with the flow.

Doesn’t my Mr look good?

Oh, and an FYI for you DIYers: We love the paint but we were really disappointed in the Frog Tape we used. Everyone raves about it, but we found that it yielded the same results as the blue painter’s tape that we can get for a third the price. Lesson learned.

Then, on the fourth, I got to show off my ever-expanding belly. We took it easy, hosting a very casual backyard BBQ for a few close friends. After dark, we watched the far-away city fireworks from our upstairs balcony. They look really tiny, but you don’t have to worry about crowds. I call that a win.

It’s funny. Most of the time, I don’t feel as huge as I look. Once in a while it hits me and I definitely get tired and don’t like standing around too long, and slip-on shoes are a god-send. But… I was worried about feeling like a beached whale in the middle of summer and, mostly, things are good. Hopefully we’ll meet our little cookie this month!


Crispy chicken w/ pan sauce

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A wonderfully simple chicken recipe I caught on while watching America’s Test Kitchen. Had to write it down so I could refer to it anytime. I tried a variation on this technique the other day when I made Arroz con Pollo. The chicken turned out perfectly.

Get this simple recipe.


Meat Pies and Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cookies

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So….I haven’t been able to find almond flour (they usually have it at our local farmer’s market, but alas…no luck) so no macarons just yet. That’s probably for the best, especially since we made bread pudding last nigh. Yum. Yup, those macarons are just a matter of time…

That said, I have found yet another recipe to entice me. This one is for savory meat pies. Mmmmmmmeat pie.

I found the recipe on one of my favorite sites, Sunday Suppers. If you’re lucky enough to live near NYC, they have classes! I’m hoping to try my hand at it and, if it goes well, make dinner for some friends. I think I have most of what I need, minus sofrito and “nigella” — a type of onion seed. I’m pretty sure I can find those at Andronico’s or Whole Foods. I could make the sofrito, if necessary, but I’m lazy.

Then, I’m jonesing for some chocolate-salted caramel cookies. We had some a couple of months ago and I can’t remember where we bought them, but they were DELICIOUS. Of course, anything involving sweet and salty increases it’s chance of scrumdiddlyumptiousness. I’ve been practicing my butter caramel and I think that, with a little salt and paired with chocolate shortbread cookies, I may be able to satisfy my craving. The Mr might even like them.

*crosses fingers*

Get the recipes for the main course and dessert!

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