Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

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Someone was chasing a bubble at school when he tripped and took a nosedive.

He did not escape unscathed but, according to him, neither did the bubble. So there’s that.


Family Funday

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It was almost as if Mothers’ Day came a week early in our house. On Saturday morning, I woke up to Lil’Man holding out a beautiful, shiny balloon as he excited yelled, “Wakey wakey, Mama!”. Of course, the balloon wasn’t FOR me, he merely wanted to show me what he picked out to SHARE. We played with the balloon for a bit (there may have been some tickling involved) and when I got up, the Mr. had a hot mocha and warm, flaky croissant waiting for me.

In the afternoon, we had a babysitter, so we got to see Iron Man 3 with a friend. Whooo! Yes, I choose to spend my adult time watching a superhero film taken from comic books while eating fatty, terribly overpriced foods. So. Much. Fun.

On Sunday, we went to ride the local steam trains. It’s one of my favorite things to do as a family. We weren’t sure when it opened and neglected to check online. We wound up arriving about 45 minutes early. We got a primo parking space, but we did have to wait a bit. We walked around, Lil’Man riding on his papa’s shoulders.

We also hung out in the bed of our truck for a bit and had some snacks.

After the trains, we hopped back into the truck to drive over to the carousel, but someone fell asleep in his car seat. The Mr and I grabbed a couple of hot dogs while he snoozed and then headed home. After a “rest time” during which Lil’Man woke up and played with his pacifiers for about an hour, there was lots of playing with Duplos, watching a Spanish for Toddlers dvd and reading boardbook after boardbook (often the same boardbook several times before moving on). After dinner and a bath, I got to rock Lil’Man to sleep. These days he’s just a bundle of kinetic energy: wiggling, running, squirming, kicking…just the life of your typical, energetic toddler, really. Other than naps, bedtime is the only time he’s willing to lie still and let me hold him in my arms for longer than a couple of seconds. He even wraps his little arms around me, as best he can, as he dozes off.

Then, some laundry-folding time with my sweetie, while he watches Game of Thrones and I try to keep up with the story without having to watch too much of the torture scenes. He patiently puts up with all the questions I have due to my not having watched previous seasons. Then to bed, with Lil’Man’s steady breathing over the monitors and the glow of the Mr’s iPad next to me.

It was a wonderful weekend.


Embrace the mess!

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Happy Easter!

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Easter was a rainy day, but we had a ton of fun with the contents of our Easter basket anyhow. We made a glorious mess! Hope everyone else had as much fun!


We’ve got it covered

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First…Just a photo of Lil’Man for his Mimi. She was worried that, after our talk about Instagram, we’d no longer post photos of Lil’Man. So, this pre-haircut photo is just for you, Mimi!

We now return to your irregularly scheduled blog post.

Our dining room floor has been bare for a good long time. Until recently, the room wasn’t much used unless we had guests. We tend to eat at the bar in our kitchen (yes, even as a family) instead of setting the table and eating there. It works for us: there’s plenty of room at our kitchen island and when Lil’Man throws food on the floor, it’s fairly easy to clean up the tile. Plus, I like that he can watch us cook. I talk to him about what I’m doing whenever he sits up and wants to see. He gets excited when I use the blender or food processor — when he sees me pull it out, he screams, “LOUD!” because he loves how noisy they are. Then we all start yelling, “Yay! Loud!” and throw our arms up in the air. So. Much. Fun! But I digress.

I decided it was time to get a rug for our dining room. Not because we’re eating at the dining table more, but because the table is becoming a bit of a fort for my two boys to play under. Lil’Man has always loved running under the table, but a few months ago he had a growth spurt. Suddenly, he was bumping his head on the bottom edge of tabletop. Since then, he’s had another growth spurt. Standing up straight under the table is a thing of the distant past for him. He grew so quickly that he’s still getting used to being careful not to bump his head.

Now, he throws himself down on his hands and knees before crawling under the table. And I do mean throw. It’s like he’s diving to get under there as quickly as possible and it makes me cringe every time I hear it. There are growth plates in those little knees, right? I need to protect them! So, a rug and a rug pad suddenly climbed higher on my priority list.

I’ve been drooling over the Andulusia Rug at West Elm and the Casablanca Rug at ZGallerie. We also considered buying a used rug either from a friend or from Craigslist. After talking with the Mr, we decided to go look at the Andulusia. He wasn’t as thrilled with the color choices for the Casablanca and we’d had bad experiences with used upholstery, so he preferred we just go for a new rug. I measured the room and determined that, while an 8×10 rug would be just a little too large (thanks to the fireplace which we would get rid of if we could) it was still our best fit. Any smaller and it wouldn’t comfortably accommodate the table and chairs.

When we got to West Elm, I was taken aback by the roughness and scratchiness of the Andulusia. I had never dealt with mostly wool dhurries before and didn’t realize how rough they feel initially. I expected to feel more like the Graduated Stripe rug, which is a cotton dhurrie: it’s much smoother and softer right out the gate. I started to doubt if this is the rug that would be best for us. But, when I was wondering around the store, I felt the dhurries that were on display. They were so soft! Once I realized that, with use, the rug would soften and still look beautiful, I was sold.

We chose the Andulusia in Feather Grey/Ivory (I was torn between the grey & yellow, but the Mr was grey all the way) and shelled out the big bucks. I brought the rug home in my car (it just barely fit) and, after grabbing a rug pad from Le Targét, we set out to get that rug rolled out.

First, we cleared the area. Lil’Man picked up all his toys and sippy cups off the floor. Then, the Mr and I moved the table and chairs. (Yes, we have bunting in the dining room. It’s left over from someone’s first birthday party. The boys like it, so it’s stayed up, even though it gets in the way of opening the cabinet. Also, that’s a baby gate in front of the fireplace.)

Then, Lil’Man stomped on the rug pad to ensure it was, indeed, non-slip.

Finally, we rolled it out and moved the table back into place. Lil’Man crawled around and under, giving it his seal of approval.

The room is far from done, but I think this rug will redirect how I’ll decorate this room. The grey is a cooler color than I usually bring into the house and I think that’s a good thing. Color-wise, it’s just slightly out of my comfort zone. However, I’m liking the warm wood against the cooler grey. Plus, the chair seats are getting a bit dingy and I’ve been wanting to recover them for a while, but wasn’t sure what I wanted. Now, I’m thinking a bold, navy print will look great. And the table needs a new runner — the warm greens that play off the seat cushions just don’t work anymore. For now, I’ve switched to a ramie runner. It’s a nice neutral and the rough texture is a nice contrast. But Easter is coming up and we need a fresh look. Time to play with more color!

Oh…and if you’re wondering why the table is off-center, it’s because this is what it looks like under the table right now, thanks to a boys’ day alone while I was out having some quality time with my best friend. This photo illustrates pretty well how the room is currently used. And, in full disclosure, I crawl under there with Lil’Man and his papa sometimes. Why let the boys have all the fun?

And one more big smile for Mimi:

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