Fun with Gestational Diabetes

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As we were returning home from a lunch out with the family, I realized I needed to check my blood glucose levels.

Lil’Man: What’s mommy doing?
The Mr : She’s checking her blood sugar.
Lil’Man: Why she checking her bluuuh-sugar?
The Mr : Because she’s so sweet! She has to be careful or she might turn into chocolate.
Lil’Man: Oh…why?
The Mr : Do you want mommy to turn into chocolate?
Lil’Man: Yes, we eat her and then we’ll go to the store and get another Christina!

I feel so loved :) and I couldn’t stop laughing.

So, I haven’t really talked about being pregnant, though I know a lot of bloggers do. I’ve had pretty standard pregnancies (morning sickness, being ridiculously tired, weird dreams, not being able to touch my toes easily eight months in…like I said, typical), except that I have gestational diabetes. I’ve been lucky in that both pregnancies I’ve avoided having to take insulin shots and been able to manage with just adjusting my diet. This time is a bit more tricky since I’m having to deal with the Christmas holidays. The cookies and candies and other assorted holiday treats taunt me at every turn.


Sunday Special

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Lil’Man love his Duplos. When I asked him to make me something, he brought me this: a flying dinosaur! Love my little builder!


Zoo Trip

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We thought we’d get in one more zoo visit before the weather gets too chilly (and possibly rainy).


Aaaaaand we’re back.

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Sort of. I had hoped to have posted a lot more about our new home by now. I just had NO idea how completely stressful these past few weeks would be. Also, we just got our internet back up yesterday.

Apparently buying and moving into a new home while both working full-time tech jobs just wasn’t enough for us, so we also replaced the flooring in the new house, flew across country just before our move and the Mr started a new job around the same time. I was completely overwhelmed and I wasn’t even the one doing the floor installation and I definitely wasn’t doing a book tour. Sheesh. I have no idea how the Petersiks do it. They are seriously an unstoppable powerhouse.

Anyhow, we had our moving day last week and finally handed over our keys after packing up the last odds and ends and cleaning up the old rental over the weekend. We had no idea that we had
I know that packing for a move is a great time to sort your belongings (keep, donate, sell, trash) and I normally follow this practice, but we just didn’t have the time. The upshot is that we didn’t quite fit into the truck that the moving company sent to move us. The crew did an amazing job fitting in as much as they could, but it was really embarrassing because this truck was HUGE.

In the end, we not only had them load up the Mr’s truck, we had to go back and make a few runs over the next few days. The horror.

The Mr has been a trooper. Even though we’ve both been exhausted by this whirlwind pace of the last month, he makes sure I get naps when possible (I’m usually the one who gets up nightly when Lil’Man wakes in the middle of the night, but it’s still a major luxury) and did most of the heavy lifting when it came to the final haul from our old rental.

Plus, the Mr started a new job! The timing is really scary, but it’s a promotion and pay raise for him, so I told him to go for it. His hours are generally better, but it’s still a good long commute. The house move meant that we needed to rethink our commuting strategy, anyhow, so we came up with a new morning agenda. The plan had been to drop off the Mr at the BART station on my way to drop off Lil’Man at school and then reversing that in the evening. Of course, our first day at this new routine for us, the public service unions went on strike. No BART. *siiiiiigh* It was just kind of the icing on the cake for this busy, tiring month.

Oh…and just so you know it hasn’t been all about the house, we did have this cuteness when we were in Ohio:


Hopefully, I’ll have more time to get up some photos of the new home in the near future. And unpack more boxes. And to get more sleep.


Toddler How-to

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Here, Lil’Man demonstrates the proper care and watering of one’s parents.

Step 1. Approach the parent slowly. They startle easily and will back away if you run up to them. If they are particularly skittish, consider making soothing, babbling sounds.

Step 2. Aim hose at the base and water until they are soaked. If they move away before you are done, repeat step 1.

If you are feeling particularly confident, you may try the more advanced technique of aiming directly at the head or torso. When successful, this generally has a more satisfying result; however, when applied unsuccessfully, it can lead to scolding and, possibly, having the hose requisitioned. Use this technique at your own risk.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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