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I wasn’t even close to ready for this, but…my baby girl is a climber.

She obviously takes after her papa. The Mr climbed out of his crib before he was even able to walk. He climbed a tree to wave to his mom from a second story window when he was two. He would lure his friends up trees so high that they wouldn’t be able to get down and his mom would have to climb up after them to save them. And, his daredevil ways didn’t stop at tree climbing. He was on a first name basis with the local ER staff. He’s a trouble maker, that one. As his twin sister told me, I need to put her crib on it’s lowest mattress setting and then put a lid over it. She isn’t completely kidding.

I love how proud her brother is that she can stand now. Anyhow, as it turns out, our little lady is trying to walk already. Now, she’s not quite there yet, but as I said, for the last couple of weeks she’s been pulling herself up on just about anything that will help steady her. She’s also ready to hurdle over just about any edge she comes to. I’ve had to catch her at least twice when she unexpectedly scrunched up her legs and launched herself forward. She has also discovered that being held upside down is fun.

She is a girl on the go! I just hope we don’t get as cozy at the ER as her dad did.

Well, at least I may have someone who will ride rollercoasters with me.

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