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I start my maternity leave this week, so I finally felt like I’ll have time to get a few things done around the house. Most of my energy is focused on two key goals:

1) Get the new nursery in good order. Now, this doesn’t mean decorate…I just want to get the sucker livable for our baby girl. Decorating and styling would be a bonus at this point. Since moving in, it’s become a dumping ground for every box, frame and piece of furniture we weren’t sure what to do with just yet. I have childproofed the door because I don’t think it’s safe for Lil’Man to wander in there by himself — it’s that bad.

2) Make the offices/spare bedrooms comfortable. The Mr and I are lucky enough to have two spare bedrooms downstairs that we use as our offices (or man/woman caves, depending on who you ask). This is where our parents will be staying when they come to visit the newest member of our family. Unfortunately, neither room is very welcoming right now. That needs to change ASAP. Arrival dates for the grandparents have been set, so we’re on a deadline.

There are a slew of other, smaller tasks I want to complete, but 80% of my efforts will probably go toward these two biggies.

The nursery feels, simultaneously, somewhat urgent and not. This is because I know that newborns couldn’t care less what color their walls are or if they have the perfect room layout as long as they are warm, dry, fed and generally loved. Plus, we’ve discovered during this winter that the nursery gets COLD at night. During the day, it’s fine, but nighttime temps get to near freezing and that room does not hold onto heat. We think it’s a combination of a few things: it’s above the garage (which is basically a big, empty, cold space), the ceiling above it needs better insulation, and the windows are old and just plain drafty. We’ll obviously have to fix all this, but we can’t afford to do all that anytime soon. So, we plan to have our little lady stay in our room for a while. Lil’Man wasn’t a fan of his bassinet, but we’re hoping that his sister is more tolerant of sleeping in one. Hopefully, by the time she outgrows the bassinet, it will be spring and her room will be more comfortable. All that said, the nursery is in dire need of attention. Most of the stuff in there belongs elsewhere in the house (or even, in a garage sale or donation drop-off). Besides, it would be nice to be able to put her down in her room during the day, even if it’s too cold at night.

As for the spare bedrooms, both are packed full of boxes. The Mr’s room is in slightly better shape — we’ve had our parents visit and stay in that bedroom soon after we moved in, so it wasn’t as bad to start with. It’s accumulated a few more boxes recently, but the Mr is working on organizing all that and I’m letting him do his thing. My office, on the other hand, is a disaster zone. I haven’t organized a darn thing since we moved in or even emptied any of the boxes that the movers placed in that room. In fact, I’ve tossed a few more boxes and bags in there over the past few months which have blocked off any pathway through the room that might have once existed (this is a photo from before that happened). And thanks to said movers, I now have a broken antique desk that I still need to fix. It’s always needed a bit of love, but now it’s currently sitting in a corner in pieces, looking completely forlorn. My once beautiful desk is now filling the room with a vibe of hopelessness. Not good.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this week is the start of a whirlwind effort to get these rooms in shape and the house, in general, in a good state. I’m also hoping that this wiggly little kid in my belly doesn’t decide to show up too early and throw off all our plans. Wish me luck!

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