Fun with Gestational Diabetes

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As we were returning home from a lunch out with the family, I realized I needed to check my blood glucose levels.

Lil’Man: What’s mommy doing?
The Mr : She’s checking her blood sugar.
Lil’Man: Why she checking her bluuuh-sugar?
The Mr : Because she’s so sweet! She has to be careful or she might turn into chocolate.
Lil’Man: Oh…why?
The Mr : Do you want mommy to turn into chocolate?
Lil’Man: Yes, we eat her and then we’ll go to the store and get another Christina!

I feel so loved :) and I couldn’t stop laughing.

So, I haven’t really talked about being pregnant, though I know a lot of bloggers do. I’ve had pretty standard pregnancies (morning sickness, being ridiculously tired, weird dreams, not being able to touch my toes easily eight months in…like I said, typical), except that I have gestational diabetes. I’ve been lucky in that both pregnancies I’ve avoided having to take insulin shots and been able to manage with just adjusting my diet. This time is a bit more tricky since I’m having to deal with the Christmas holidays. The cookies and candies and other assorted holiday treats taunt me at every turn.

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