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I know…I know… I’ve been gone for well over a month. I’m sorry.

In one of the last few posts I wrote, I mentioned that I was overwhelmed by everything we had been doing: buying and moving into a new home while both working full-time tech jobs, replacing the flooring in the new house, packing up the house, flying across country just before our move, (the Mr) starting a new job as soon as we moved… Well, there was something that we didn’t tell you was also happening: I’m pregnant with kiddo #2!

That’s right! We’re expecting our own little cupid on Valentine’s Day next year!

As exciting as the past couple of months have been, it’s been exhausting as well and blogging simply had to take a backseat for a while. I have learned that morning sickness, hormone rollercoasters (hello, mood swings! Pray for the Mr, y’all.) and general sleepiness are much easier to deal with when you aren’t chasing a 2-year-old who seems to have gotten even MORE energetic and kinetic since his birthday. As if that were possible. (It is.) They tell you that all those symptoms fade as you enter your 2nd trimester. Lies. It’s all lies. Unfortunately, I’m one of those women who has morning sickness all day long and as I enter month five, there’s no sign of its subsiding. Since I was ill through most of my first pregnancy (and a little bit after), I’m not expecting it to be much different, but I was hoping it would be. I definitely know I’m more tired this time around. Not because being pregnant this time is more tiring, but because I have waaaaay less opportunity to rest. I have an adorable toddler who needs to be chased, snuggled, tickled and read to as much as possible. Yeah…I’m tired, but at least there’s an amazingly sweet reason for it.

I haven’t been the most consistent poster ever, but if you notice I’m a bit more sporadic than usual for while, please forgive me and don’t give up on reading. I have a huge backlog of posts in my blog queue plus tons of photos of the house and its progress that I want very much to share (especially for all you friends who are moving out of state…I miss you already!). I will post soon, I promise!

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