Family Funday

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It was almost as if Mothers’ Day came a week early in our house. On Saturday morning, I woke up to Lil’Man holding out a beautiful, shiny balloon as he excited yelled, “Wakey wakey, Mama!”. Of course, the balloon wasn’t FOR me, he merely wanted to show me what he picked out to SHARE. We played with the balloon for a bit (there may have been some tickling involved) and when I got up, the Mr. had a hot mocha and warm, flaky croissant waiting for me.

In the afternoon, we had a babysitter, so we got to see Iron Man 3 with a friend. Whooo! Yes, I choose to spend my adult time watching a superhero film taken from comic books while eating fatty, terribly overpriced foods. So. Much. Fun.

On Sunday, we went to ride the local steam trains. It’s one of my favorite things to do as a family. We weren’t sure when it opened and neglected to check online. We wound up arriving about 45 minutes early. We got a primo parking space, but we did have to wait a bit. We walked around, Lil’Man riding on his papa’s shoulders.

We also hung out in the bed of our truck for a bit and had some snacks.

After the trains, we hopped back into the truck to drive over to the carousel, but someone fell asleep in his car seat. The Mr and I grabbed a couple of hot dogs while he snoozed and then headed home. After a “rest time” during which Lil’Man woke up and played with his pacifiers for about an hour, there was lots of playing with Duplos, watching a Spanish for Toddlers dvd and reading boardbook after boardbook (often the same boardbook several times before moving on). After dinner and a bath, I got to rock Lil’Man to sleep. These days he’s just a bundle of kinetic energy: wiggling, running, squirming, kicking…just the life of your typical, energetic toddler, really. Other than naps, bedtime is the only time he’s willing to lie still and let me hold him in my arms for longer than a couple of seconds. He even wraps his little arms around me, as best he can, as he dozes off.

Then, some laundry-folding time with my sweetie, while he watches Game of Thrones and I try to keep up with the story without having to watch too much of the torture scenes. He patiently puts up with all the questions I have due to my not having watched previous seasons. Then to bed, with Lil’Man’s steady breathing over the monitors and the glow of the Mr’s iPad next to me.

It was a wonderful weekend.

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