A little late to the wining & dining

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The Mr and I didn’t do a full out celebration on Valentine’s Day. We exchanged cards and lots of kisses. Lil’Man got his Pops a card, but was hesitant to sign it (he’s a great crayonist, so I thought he’d be all about weilding the silver Sharpie with authority, but I was wrong). We woke up late after a long night with Lil’Man and had to rush out the door. I think we were both a bit late for work. Then, because it was a Thursday, after work we had no time. The Mr gets home with Lil’Man, feeds him, and put him to bed while I have choir practice until late. I don’t even see my baby until he’s asleep in his crib on those days. And the Mr is an early-to-bed kind of guy. So, Valentine’s Day was a bit of a wash for us. At least Lil’Man had it together — valentines for all his classmates and mugs full of candy for his teachers. How does he do it?

Tonight is a different story though. Lil’Man has a babysitter and we have reservations. We are going to do the whole romantic dinner complete with soft candlelight, items on the menu I can’t pronounce, place settings that offer way too much silverware, and our making ridiculous smoochy faces to each other from across the table. Yeah, we totally do that. There might be an ocean view. There will be dressing up. There will be delicious entrĂ©es. There will be a dessert that will whisper sweet nothings to me. There will be wine. And maybe a cocktail. But there most definitely will be wine.

Just in case anyone else is going to be having a late Valentine’s Day dinner, here’s a handy dandy guide for your wine consumption (thank you, folks at winefolly.com!). Personally, I like a good Sangiovese, but I won’t ever say no to a bright, sparkly Prosecco. Of course, there’s also Port and Moscato. Malbecs are good, too. And Pinot Grigios. And Gewürztraminer is as much fun to say as it is to drink! Ack! So many to choose from! Thank goodness for that guide to help you narrow it down, right?

Ok, terrible segue, but I wanted really think this poster is lots of fun. And there’s more great posters where this came from. If you neglected to get a present for the oenophile on your valentine list, maybe you could make it up with one of these (totally unsolicited plug…I just think their posters are awesome sauce).

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