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I love my wallet.

Is that weird?

Well, I do. I think it’s fun and friendly and it makes me smile. I get compliments on it all the time, from women, men, teens and at least one toddler. It always takes me by surprise because who expects the random person behind them in line to be checking out their wallet? In a non-pickpockety way, at least. Even if I didn’t get compliments I’d love it. The illustrations on it make me smile, even when I’m about to pull out my credit card to pay some god-awful amount of money. I also get asked where I bought it on almost a bi-weekly basis. I always feel bad that I can’t answer that definitively because I bought it about eight years ago at an SF Maker Faire and never really thought about it again. So many of those little shops pop up, sell something wonderful and lovely and then disappear forever. My shopping heart has been broken too many times, so I try not to get too invested.

However, even though my wallet is still going strong, there is some wear going on along one of the inner seams (what’s with all the wallet opening & closing? Sheesh.) I thought maybe I should see if I could find this shop if it was still around and grab a new wallet as a backup. All I had to go on was a little logo on the back of my wallet: a speech bubble that says “tiny!”. Thank goodness that was enough!

Say hello to Tiny Meat. It’s a small company based out of Portland, Oregon. That surprised me because I thought they were local to the Bay Area. Localist bias, I guess. They have their own website, but I found that they offer a much wider selection at their Etsy shop.

They no longer carry the design that is on my current wallet (*sniffle*), but they still have a great selection. I mean, seriously, who DOESN’T want a wallet with a ninja egg on it? That is sheer genius!

They also offer other cases for your business cards, Oyster cards, checkbooks and passports. It just so happens that the Mr and I also use their passport covers. Not a lot of people get to see this one, so I don’t get as many compliments (and Customs Officers aren’t big fans of them, but mostly because they hate being handed passports still in a cover — any cover — and I always forget to remove mine). Still, I like to think that the Bear and Robot are protecting my passport while they aren’t duking it out with each other. The Mr has cuts of meat on his passport cover. I picked that out for him. *bows*

I included those last two just so you don’t think they only make funky, illustrative cases. I promise, they aren’t just for hipster (I am living proof of that). You can also get a more elegant and/or trendy case. They have stripes, argyles, and some beautiful abstract florals. I think, for now, I’ll stick to getting on my quirk in small, wallet-sized doses.

If anyone is in the market for a new wallet (or card case or passport cover), I strongly suggest Tiny Meat!

P.S. No one at Tiny Meat asked me to plug their wares. No one there even knows I exist. Well, maybe the person who sold me my wallet all those years ago, but probably they won’t remember me. I just really like my wallet and think everyone should like their wallet as much as I do.

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