A little tipple for your trouble

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A friend of a friend recently traveled to Japan. While there, he and his brother-in-law decided to go whiskey tasting. He loved the Suntory Hakushu distillery whiskeys, so as he was rushing through the duty-free shops, he looked for a bottle, found one and paid for it on his credit card. He thought he had spent $95 — not a terrible price for a good whiskey. However, this wasn’t a good whiskey…this was a very, very good whiskey. And it didn’t cost $95. It cost $950. Plus international credit card fees.


Yes, he missed one of those darn pesky zeros and didn’t realize it until he was filling out his customs forms about an hour into his flight back to the States. In his defense, he was in a rush to catch his plane and the price was in yen (¥75,000 = $950). All those extra zeros can throw you off. After getting over the post-purchase sticker shock, full-on buyer’s remorse set in. Also, his wife was furious.

He tried to find a buyer for the bottle, but it seems no one was willing to shell out $950 for a 25-year-old Suntory Hakushu Single Malt. I suggested that he hold a whiskey tasting and charge whatever he needed per ounce to recoup enough to adequately finance his “Save My Marriage Fund.” He was desperate enough to give it a shot.

So, for about $45, the Mr and I (and about 14 others) got to taste this very expensive whiskey:

It was delicious.

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