The Dream House: The Library

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The latest IKEA catalog recently came out and we, for some reason, received a copy. I wouldn’t necessarily ever think to look through IKEA catalogs. Like you never really need to look at the menu at McDonalds. It’s all a bit the same and you already know the major items you might want to get, anyhow. But this catalog caught my interest right away. I instantly loved this chair:

It has clean lines, but is still in the wingback family. It just screams comfy classic. I searched throughout that catalog for that chair. What are its dimensions? How much does it cost? What fabrics does it come in? I must know!


And then I read in small print on the cover, “An IKEA armchair from 1951″. ARGH! I ranted to the Mr: Why put something on the cover that is no longer available? Why taunt me so? Why is IKEA being such a tease? I must be missing pages! I grumped about it for a bit, shrugged my shoulders and let it go. And then I found out that this chair will be making a comeback this winter. Joy! I will be at IKEA for a little furniture meet and greet.

I know that IKEA furniture isn’t always the best quality, but sometimes they come through and I’m willing to check this one out. It looks like it could be a handsome pairing with our Soto Sleeper Sofa. And it feels particularly home library-ish to me. We would love to have a home library/guest room in the near future.

  1. You can’t have a home library without books and, presumably, bookcases to hold them. These are IKEA Billy bookcases, but ideally, we’d have built-ins. Mmmmmmm…built-ins. That go all the way up to the ceiling (hence, the ladder). Oh, yeah!
  2. I just recently bought an antique Italian blown glass lantern. It’s amber glass and it needs a good dusting, but I think it could really interesting in this room.
  3. Labels holders for the bookcases. I saw this on a bookcase in World Market a few weeks ago. I loved the look of it. I think I might even have some labels holders already. If not, they aren’t terribly expensive. They would be a nice upgrade to plain shelves and might actually help us keep track of what goes where. Function? Oh, I may get the vapors!
  4. We have a similar antique desk, which I scored on Craigslist a few years ago. It’s an old school desk, so I think it would feel right at home in a library. It’s currently paired with a Bertoia chair. Right now, I’m liking the mix of auld school and sleek modern.
  5. We have a Soto Sleeper Sofa in a beautiful grey suede-like fabric. It’s very plush and comfy and we already have bright yellow pillows brightening it up. Right now, it gets most use as a bed, but I’d like to change that.
  6. The navy rug would really ground the room and the pattern somewhat echos the shape of the glass pendant. Plus, the Mr is a Cal Berkeley grad and wholeheartedly approves of the blue/gold combo this introduces into the room.
  7. The IKEA Strandmon chair. Looks good, don’t it? It also will come in a dark blue. Maybe…maybe…
  8. The Double Dip arc lamp. We have one that is currently idling in the garage. It’s very hard to place in most rooms, but I do like the look of it. Perhaps it would work well here.
  9. Bright yellow curtains. I just think they’re so cheerful, they’re a great compliment to the rug, and they play well off the pillows and artwork.
  10. I’m not entirely sure how much wall would be showing, but I think a calm grey would work well against busy bookcases while allowing the blue/gold combo to pop. I’m thinking, perhaps, Moonlight or Dark Horse from Benjamin Moore.
  11. Bus Queue: London by Chuck Jones. Yes, that Chuck Jones. This is currently hanging in our living room, but I think it would bring a great bit of color into the room.

And there you have it. Our dream home library. It’s mostly things we already own, we just need the space to put it all together. Someday!

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