Lil’ Man is One!

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Our little gentleman turned one this past Friday. It was a big weekend all around for the family — we had two birthday parties for Lil’Man and the Mr’s Bavarian club celebrated it’s 7th anniversary. They observed the occasion with food and dance throughout the weekend. We invited all our family to come and join us in the festivities. Most, understandably, weren’t able to come. Happily, all the grandparents and his Aunt Ferfer and Uncle B were able to make the trip out.

We had tons of fun all weekend long. The tyke received many gifts, but the one that bears mentioning is the toybox his Grandpa W made for him. It is GORGEOUS. The Mr and I had known for a while that he was making it since he asked us to pick out colors for the veneers and such, but STILL I cried when we unwrapped it. It’s truly heirloom quality and I hope Lil’Man appreciates it as he grows older. He certainly liked it when he saw it.

In fact, he loved it. He explored it for a little while, placed a couple of his toys inside, and ran to hug his grandpa when he saw him. It’s too big to really fit in his room, but we’ve moved it to a corner of our living room which we are slowly turning into a play area for Lil’Man.

And of course, there was the birthday party. Or parties. The first, which was actually on his birthday, was at his daycare. I made mini cupcakes for the kids (not very sweet cake, topped with purèed blackberries folded into whipped cream) and brought apple juice. It was more fun than you’d expect. The cupcakes were a hit with all the kids and, most importantly, the birthday boy. Lil’Man ate three cupcakes (which sounds like a lot until you realize that a lot of each one ends up on the floor).

Of course, that is nothing compared to what he was allowed to eat at his big birthday party a couple of days later. At first, he wasn’t sure what to do with the enormous amount of food I had just placed in front of him.

So, I placed a little bit of the whipped cream on his hand…

he tried it…

and it…



Oh yeah!

How did I do, Pops?

We could tell he was done when he started methodically dropping cake on to the patio stone. His pop took him out of his chair and hosed him down. This is, naturally, why we had the smash cake outside.

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