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Way back in my second trimester, I posted a style board for our baby-to-be’s nursery. Well, now that little bundle of joy is 4 1/2 months old! I can’t believe it’s already been that long when it seems like we brought him home just the other day (while simultaneously feeling as if it’s been ages since I’ve had a full night’s sleep). So, the nursery is still a bit of a work in progress–since Lil’Man is our first, we’re still feeling out how best to do things. Plus, he’s growing so quickly, that we’re constantly changing up the game plan to keep up with his new demands.

Anyhow, I’m glad that I made the style board. Even though I deviated from it quite a lot, it really gave me a direction to work toward. So, without further ado:

You can see a lot of the ideas that I had from the style board. My inspiration paintings came out as nice as I’d hoped. In general, the color scheme is just want I planned. The crib is the exact crib I chose and the dresser and its knobs are just as I planned, albeit in a different wood tone. Otherwise, there are some big differences.

  1. Color scheme: I sat down in front of the color swatches at Benjamin Moore and slowly picked out exactly what colors I wanted to combine. They turned out to be Pratt & Lambert’s Anchors Aweigh, Baby Carrot, Biscay Green, and Postal Blue.
  2. Wall paint: I finally chose Benjamin Moore’s Bluebell for the walls. That’s a bit brighter than the colors I was originally mentioning, but if you can’t go bright in a nursery, where can you?
  3. Art work: Not only did I replicate the discontinued PB prints, I created two new animals to add to the series and I ordered some prints off I bought the “Take me for a walk” print after all, but just before sarajane started offering it in larger sizes. Doh! I also ordered a wonderful monster circus alphabet print that I love even more and dearly wish that it were larger. Plus, it came with an adorable postcard-sized freebie print which I also framed and hung above Lil’Man’s coat hook. Finally, I found some lovely black & white animal flashcards and framed them with mats in the accent colors of the room to really help them pop.
  4. Overhead light: Still the same old light, but I yet have plans…
  5. Window treatments: We installed shades that were SUPPOSED to be room darkening and I’d planned to simply top them with a cute awning. That’s what you see in the pictures. As it turns out, they don’t darken the room at all. We’re keeping the shades because they are cordless (hence, no choking hazard) and are otherwise nice for some privacy. I have white/navy material for the awnings, but now I need to incorporate the blackout shades that we got from Babies R Us which are navy with thin white stripes. Ah, reality.
  6. Lamp & nightlight: Nice as the lamp we had might be for the nursery, I stumbled on an even more perfect lamp while walking through Target. The base is still a fun, but simple candlestick style but it’s also the perfect shade of green. I plan to spruce up the shade one day, but for now, it’s doing it’s job of lighting diaper changes. We wound up getting the Star Egg nightlight in Tidepool and I love the patterns it throws on the ceiling and walls. Lil’Man finds it fascinating.
  7. Dresser: This is working exactly as planned. We used our old dresser, spruced it up with some white paint on the drawers and added some knobs which I had painted, polka dotted and sealed with a gloss finish. It makes a fine changing table and has tons of storage.
  8. Rug: As it turns out, the Dash & Albert rug I was considering wasn’t quite the right colors. Still, I almost got it anyway until I saw…the rug. It’s imperfect concentric circles and contrasting colors won me over. Plus, it’s IKEA, so at $149 the price was right.
  9. Crib: Yup. got the Babyletto convertable crib. Whoo!
  10. Glider: I this glider at the local Crate & Barrel Outlet store. It was normally $999, but this one was 60% off because, as far as I could tell, the slipcover had gotten dirty. A quick pre-wash scrub and a cycle through the washing machine, and those slipcovers were back to pristine condition. Score! All I had to do was add a Medela nursing stool and I was in business.
  11. Accessories: I guess the mobile is the main thing we added that really helps make the room. It’s frankensteined together from an IKEA FABLER crib/bed canopy and a Jungle Friends mobile we got off our registry. I changed out some of the colored canopy flags to match the room and cut off the long, hanging fabric. I attached the mobile underneath with wire hidden by colored ribbons. The Mister hung everything from the ceiling and we covered the chain with the support sleeve that came with the mobile. Violà! Custom mobile. We had a couple of pillows that got moved onto the glider and a chair that we moved next to his crib so we can sit with our sweetie on nights he needs a little extra attention. Finally, we added a clock and a whiteboard to leave notes for ourselves and each other (it’s amazing what you forget when you’re seriously sleep deprived). With all the cute toys he’s received, we haven’t really needed to add a lot more.

Whew! Was that enough info?
Isn't he just a sweetheart?

So, as you can see, we’re pretty well set. There are curtains that need to be made and hung. The side table next to the glider moves around a bit as do the nursing stool and the chair next to the crib. There’s still some art we want to put up. I’m pretty sure I’m going to move that glider eventually and find it a nice corner to live in. The important thing, though, is that we love watching our little man grow and learn and feel comfortable and safe in his own space.

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