CFLs with a new twist

posted by harlie in home

I really can’t stand CFLs…they’re ugly and give off the most horrendous light and don’t last nearly as long as they are purported to last. Plus, if you ever break one, you practically have to call in a hazmat team just to clean it up. And for all this, you get to pay extra! Huzzah!

So not worth the trouble.

However, I have found what might be a CFL that I am willing to try. Meet the Plumen bulb:

Aren’t they pretty? They remind me of long exposures of poi dancing or images where people write in the air with lights. They look as if they give off a warmer light than standard CFLs — much closer to traditional incandescents. If that is the case, I’m totally onboard with them. I’m keeping an eye on plumen.com to see when they become available (though I should probably still keep a hazmat team on call).

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